Information Resource Management week 1 Essay

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Week 1 Homework

1. In what respect does business strategy resemble military strategy? Obtaining an advantageous position on the opposition is a tactic that is similar in both business and military strategy.
2. Refer to Chapter 1's discussion of different types of information systems. Which types of ISs can gain strategic advantage and which cannot? Why?
Transaction Processing systems are merely used for recording transactions and thus are not used for gaining strategic advantage. Customer Relationship Management systems can be used to improve customer service quality, thus making it a key strategic advantage tool. Supply Chain Management systems (or Enterprise Resource Planning systems) are used to gain strategic advantage
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However there is also the chance that such an idea could tank.
7. An SIS often offers a corporation short-lived advantages. How so?
Competitors won’t be far behind and they will be trying to create a better product or solution than you are making.
8. What is reengineering? Why is reengineering often mentioned along with IT?
Reengineering is the process of elimination of old processes and implementing new ideas and systems from the ground up. IT is involved because reengineering often involves new computer systems.
9. Why have most reengineering projects failed? What has eventually affected reengineering in some companies?
New systems force employees and managers to change their way of work.
10. Software developers have made great efforts to create a standard. What does creating a standard mean in the software industry, and why are companies doing it?
Creating a standard is a means of locking in clients. This means creating something that no one else does or has. It is an effective way of capitalizing on a certain market.
11. What should an organization do to sustain the strategic benefits of an IS?
The IS should be continually modified and enhanced. This will create a moving target for competitors.
12. Adobe encourages PC users to download its Acrobat Reader and Flash Player free of charge. How does this eventually help Adobe strategically? If they give the application away, how does their generosity help
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