Information Resources Planning And Management

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Information Resource Planning(IRP): Information Resources Planning and Management (IRPM) is a growing strategy that helps the managers gather, assign and exploit their information assets for the development of business. It evolves on the information science and information systems techniques and also on the process of business management.
This Information Resource Planning(IRP) can be implemented through the following five steps.
1. Assessment of current Information resources (the status quo)
2. Establishment of an Information Vision
3. Establishment of an IT Architecture for that vision
4. Formulation of an IS Strategic Plan (roadmap) to evolve an organization’s information resources from their current status toward the desired vision and IT architecture
5. Formulation of short-term Operational IS Plans based on the IS Strategic Plan
Which are explained as below,
1. Assessment of current Information Resources:
Here the name its self suggests we need to get a clear overview about the participation of all resources regarding business such as human resources, technical resources, material resources etc, for the effective understanding their need in the overall development of organization business
>Here a deep investigation goes on what is actual level of organization pre planned activities and whether they are reachable to current going processes, like how IS resources are used and their impact on clients as well as comparisons made with other business organization statuses.
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