Information Resources Planning And Management

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Information Resource Planning(IRP): Information Resources Planning and Management (IRPM) is a growing strategy that helps the managers gather, assign and exploit their information assets for the development of business. It evolves on the information science and information systems techniques and also on the process of business management.
This Information Resource Planning(IRP) can be implemented through the following five steps.
1. Assessment of current Information resources (the status quo)
2. Establishment of an Information Vision
3. Establishment of an IT Architecture for that vision
4. Formulation of an IS Strategic Plan (roadmap) to evolve an organization’s information resources from their current status toward the desired vision
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>Here business manager has a pre study on several approaches and a lot of ground work needed to get the required vision as itself makes the roots of organization.
3. Establishment of an IT Architecture for that vision
It architecture of the vision developed is what necessary to get a clear view on how the plan is going to work practically by the usage of technical and human resources.
It involves Human and Technical component factors which are to be organized in the way to get proper delivery expected.
>IT architecture design is evolved by the stages of Application Silos, Standardized Technology, Rationalized Data, Modular. >Business managers should get the assistance of technical team to properly allocate technical components and their personal skills needed to assign the Human component.
4. Formulation of an IS Strategic Plan
IS strategic plan Formulation is involving a heavy intensified goals planned years before for the gaining of momentum towards designed architecture of IT.
>It is needed to implement the steps involving objectives setting, conducting external and internal analysis, as well as establishing strategic initiatives.
>Business managers to have a traditional basic strategies for their successful business evolving.
5. Formulation of Operational IS Plans
It Involves the major initiatives the organization needs to carry out in the short term to achieve its strategic initiativesThe Action plans for one or more years based on Strategic

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