Information Security And An Cyber Attack

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Experts say in the next 11 years we will have a Major cyber-attack that will result in the loss of life or property in the tens of billings of dollars. Governments, militaries, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and private businesses will combat these cyber threats with good cyber security or information security practices.
Information security refers to the protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruptions, modification, or destruction. This information protected can be print, electric, or any other form of confidential, private, and sensitive information. Information security is accomplished by applying a set of policies, practices, procedures, organizational structures and software functions to preserve business continuity, maximize return on investment and reduce damage to business.
A practice that is important to information security is completing a security audit. It is understandable that just the word “audit” can be unsettling to executives and IT professionals. It means that an outside organization will be poking around and inspecting your systems and will conduct a formal written examination on their findings. However it is a necessary function of protecting your information security systems and as the head of the company or IT department you are the accountable party if your organization gets hacked. If you are responsible for information security you should insist on thorough annual
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