Information Security And Its Effects On Society

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Information security is extremely important to society in order to protect people and businesses property. It has come a long way from when computer systems were first invented. Information security is all the processes and policies designed to protect organizations information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. Data is transferred at trillions of bytes per millisecond across different computer networks, so ways to keep this information safe is necessary. Without security, criminals can steal information that would financially hurt a person or a business and possibly their credibility. Hackers have created many methods that make systems vulnerable to attacks, and it…show more content…
These devices can be breached by methods such as espionage, which in this case, is when an unauthorized user attempts to access sensitive information illegally, or through the use of alienware. Alienware is when software is installed on a person’s computer that uses up valuable resources like adware or spam ware that is usually programmed by keyloggers or screen scrapers, which record your browser information or screen. If there is a breach of personal information for an individual it can lead to identity theft or damage to financial history or credit rating. In spite of these tactics that hackers can use, there are many precautions and safeguards an individual can take to minimize the risk of an information breach. One of them is very simple, and that is to create a strong password. Many people use the same, simple password to access many applications such as PayPal, banking, social media sites and many more. Updating your password every couple of months, such as the Georgia State website forces users to do, or using different passwords for different applications or websites is a highly recommended practice. Another safeguard is updating your software on your computer or your anti virus program. Lastly, be alert to impersonators calling and asking for personal information such as bank account numbers, passwords or social security numbers. Information security could be even more important to business. With
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