Information Security: Doctor's Office

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Background We are Information Security professionals with a small doctor's office as a client. The doctors would like to use a wireless network and mobile medical devices to replace their paper based systems. Physically, the office is located in a building with several other professional services. Based on HIPPA regulations and patient paranoia, the doctors are very concerned with protecting patient information. Client Overview There are several networks operating in tandem with client, if network is not secure, information could leak to others, even if inadvertently. Staff is trained in paper technology and may need additional reminding about network security. Costs will initially increase and there may be the need for additional outsourcing to get the most current records electronically uploaded. Issue Overview Wireless devices, like all technological devices that provide external type access to networks, have special security challenges. Mobile devices and wireless networks rely on a rather broad spectrum of technologies. If one relies on industry standard protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP and TAP there are numerous options for enhanced network security. Attacks or vulnerabilities are often based on the operating system of the device or platform being used. Information can "leak" to other networks, Malware can compromise the network, move across platforms, and of course, in some cases, individuals can try to hack in and compromise data (Becher,, 2011). Risk
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