Information Security Engineer For A Videogame Development Company

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Information Security Engineer for a videogame development company there are many things to be concerned about. This report will analyze three potential malicious attacks and threats that could be carried out against a videogame development company. These attacks can have an impact on the company. There are also concerns for data loss and data theft in the network. There are security controls that could help protect against the concerns. The first and potentially biggest concern would be insecure or compromised game servers. This could happen because the server was hacked (Hayes, 2008). When the server gets hacked, the hacker can upload worms, viruses or other malicious software. Another concern is DDoS which is a type of…show more content…
Worms, viruses, and malicious software is a concern for any computer user, especially the gaming industry. If any of these get uploaded onto a game server it would be devastating for the company and the user. We all know that these can do damage and cripple a system or a network. These can also be released onto any part of a network. Depending on the purpose of the attack it can steal company data and records such as ideas and technology for future games that would give the company an edge and beat out competition. Personal data for employees and gamers can also be stolen. One reason for DDoS attacks is it is a form of protest by disgruntled fans and workers. Another reason for this attack is because the game industry is not up to date with security measures and that makes it very vulnerable to attacks. The effects of a DDoS attack can be severe for the company they are likely to lose a lot of revenue and their reputation goes at down the drain (Saeed, 2015). Both of these have a huge potential of dampening their potential growth for the company. Since 2009 a Chinese hacking group called Threat Group-3279 (TG-3279) has been focused on stealing source code from video game companies, either in order to crack or cheat at particular games or to use it in competing products (Chinese Hackers, 2014). This is stealing
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