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4. Implementation 4.1 mobile website or application When we are planning to establish a mobile presence for PAAC one of the first considerations that will likely come to mind is whether we want to create a mobile application for users to download (app) or a mobile website, or perhaps both. Mobile websites and apps can look very similar at first-glance, and determining which is most suited to PAAC’s needs will depend upon a number of factors, including target audiences, available budget, intended purpose and required features. Both applications and mobile websites are accessed on handheld devices such as smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android and Blackberry) and tablets. Mobile websites A mobile website is similar to any other website…show more content…
* Upgradability – Mobile Websites Can Be Updated Instantly A mobile website is much more dynamic than an app in terms of pure flexibility to update content. If you want to change the design or content of a mobile website you simply publish the edit once and the changes are immediately visible; updating an app on the other hand requires the updates to be pushed to users, which then must be downloaded in order to update the app on each type of device. * Reach – Mobile Websites Have Broader Reach Because a mobile website is accessible across platforms and can be easily shared among users, as well as search engines, it has far greater reach capability than a native app. * Time and Cost - Mobile Websites are Easier and Less Expensive Last but certainly not least, mobile website development is considerably more time and cost-effective than development of a native app, especially if you need to have a presence on different platforms (requiring development of multiple apps). Our choice Considering that the types of mobile phones owned by PAAC’s target users are diverse and the budget of PAAC is limited, developing mobile websites is more feasible than developing mobile applications. Developing mobile websites is relative cheap and easy to deploy. Moreover, we can embed the mobile website into an application at a later stage of development for
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