Information Security: The John McCumber Model Essay

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1) McCumber model:

There are number of different models proposed as framework for information security but one of the best model is McCumber model which was designed by John McCumber. In this model the elements to be studied are organized in a cube structure, in which each axis indicates a dissimilar viewpoint of some information security issue and there are three major modules in each axis. This model with 27 little cubes all organized together looks similar like a Rubik's cube. There are three axes in the cube they are: goals desired, Information states, and measures to be taken. At the intersection of three axes you can research on all angles of an information security problem.

Goals desired
the three goals expected when you are dealing with information are
a) Confidentiality- permission to access the information is only given to authorized persons.
b) Integrity- information should not be corrupted.
c) Availability- information should be ready to access whenever it is needed.

If any of the goals is not achieved then there is flaw in the system and may result in bad outcomes.

Information States
the three different states of information are
a) Storage- the information is in still state and can be accessed any time.
b) Transmission- the information is in motion and is being transmitted to get accessed.
c) Processing- the state in which the data is being changed or studied.

The information should be protected at all states.

Measures to be taken
the approaches…

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