Information Security Through Image Steganography Using Lsb Algorithm

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BSc(Hons) Business Information Technology/ BSc(Hons) Computer Forensics/ BSc(Hons) Computer Forensics & Security/ BSc(Hons) Computer Security & Ethical Hacking/ BSc(Hons) Computing Courses 2015/16 Level 6 Production Project PROJECT PLAN SUBMISSION: Name: Sagar Neupane Student I.D.: 77148047 Course: Bsc(Hons) Computing Supervisor’s Name: FINAL PROJECT INDIVIDUAL AIM & OBJECTIVES Title of my Project: Information Security through image Steganography using LSB Algorithm Aim of my Final Project: The proposed approach in this venture utilizes another steganographic methodology called picture steganography. The application makes a stego picture in which the individual information is implanted and is ensured with a secret word which is very secured. The fundamental goal of the venture is to add to a steganographic application that gives great security. The proposed methodology gives higher security and can shield the message from stego assaults. Objectives of my Final Project: In my undertaking I principally focused on the information security issues when sending the information over the system utilizing steganographic procedures. The principle destinations of the task are • To produce Steganography tools using LSB algorithm for encrypting and decrypting process simultaneously • Overview of distinctive steganographic calculations and contrasting them in method for velocity and nature of stowing away. • Testing the effectiveness and exactness of concealing the
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