Information Security: VMware versus Sphere

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Before transformation, crucial cloud issues like privileged access, data locations, data recovery, high availability, investigative support, regularity compliance should be considered with utmost priority.
Information security requirements like identification, authorization, availability, confidentiality, integrity; non-repudiation should be addressed in assessing the security levels.
Before engaging in cloud computing, organizations should consider the providers locations and data restrictions as well as terms and conditions on the information stored in the cloud.
Let’s take an example of how VMware transforms a physical PC into multiple virtual machines. In today’s virtualization world, VMware is playing a key role in addressing IT challenges of physical/virtual infrastructure. VMware is bringing the power of cloud computing to the data center, delivering the best platform for building cloud infrastructures.
Today’s data centers are faced with a major challenge of curbing IT spending. In current architecture, single server hardware is dedicated to a single server application which is becoming costly. The IT resources are stressed then resulting in under-utilized servers. This will exhaust IT budget long before they meet the demands of the business.
Larger multi-processor servers can minimize the data center systems. Applications can scale or co-exist without conflicts. Server blades can increase the density of servers in a rack.
VMware vSphere Figure 1.1 VMware vSphere
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