Information Silos and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

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Information systems Information Silos Information silos are management systems that are incapable of reciprocating operation with related information systems (Information systems, 2008). There are two main sources of information silo. These are packaged applications and departmental applications. Packaged applications usually come with their own database making integration of the system impossible. On the other hand, departmental applications also come with their own database built on agile methodologies for the purpose of meeting schedule deadlines (Information systems, 2008). There are several problems associated with information silos (Information systems, 2008). First, there is lack of information flow with the information system of the organization. This is because the system is not able to relate well with other systems in the organization. Secondly, information silos lack aligned priorities of issues. In most cases, priorities between different people in different departments do not align because of silos (Information systems, 2008). This cause misunderstandings as well as frustrations within the organization. Lastly, information silos leads to lack of coordinated decisions making across all silos in the organization (Information systems, 2008). This is because there is no link across the silos. The fundamental problem associated with information silos is that it prevents the flow of information within the organization. This results to limitations of interaction
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