Information System Changed Ways Of Corporate Working

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Information System Changed Ways of Corporate Working Information technology refers to the use of computers, telecommunication, and related technologies the gather, store, and process data into meaningful information that can be retrieved. Modern businesses uses information technology to augment their processes in order to achieve cost effectiveness and edge over rivals. Several information system vendors offers state of the art system and equipment to deal with information and knowledge sharing needs of businesses. These information systems are capable to easing operational burden which allow business to focus on other organizational goals and objectives. Globalization, industrialization, international trade, and business transformation…show more content…
Information system can also enable workers across different hierarchies in organizational structure to understand the common goals and objectives of the organization. A culture of advancement and information sharing can boost the potentials of information system. Organization, that has implement latest information system based on improve information technological but do not possess the human skills to operate the system effective, would not able to achieve its desired goals and objectives. In addition, culture of support and advancement would support initiatives to achieve organizational objectives. Most important function of information system is to sustain competitive advantage of organization by delivering organizational information services. Organization determine trends of competitors and customers by employing competitive intelligence. IS aims to enhance decision making quality along with change management, customer relations and optimized efficiency. Functions of Information System It is interesting to consider that information management system works out specific problem of organization. Likewise, particular functional department develops its own system or application in accordance with its needs. For example, companies develop their dedicated information system related to functional departments say accounting, finance, manufacturing, operations handling, marketing and human
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