Information System

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Section 1

1. The study of computer based Information Systems (IS) is not just limited to traditional computers and servers, but also includes such devices as:
a. Network Routers
b. Mobile Phones
c. Telecommunication Switches
d. All of the Above

2. Information Technology (IT) refers only to the information processing software programs of a computer system: True or False

3. Information Systems are used in the business world to support an organization’s:
a. Decision Making
b. Business processes and operations
c. Strategies for competitive advantage
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

4. The barriers a Business must deal with, such as competitors, substitutes, customers, supplier, etc are often referred to as:
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Primary Storage
b. ROM
c. Sequential Access
d. Direct Access

12. Ethical computer use policy contains general principles to guide computer user behavior: True or False

13. The smallest unit of data storage, bit, is a contraction of:
a. Binary Items
b. Bytes In Transition
c. Binary Digit
d. None of the above

14. A grouping of how many Bits compose a Byte:
a. 5
b. 10
c. 8
d. 1

15. The main End-User method of interacting with a computer uses:
a. Direct Access
b. Primary Storage
c. Graphical User Interface
d. Sequential Access

16. The system of programs that manages the operations of a computer system is called:
a. Machine Language
b. Software Suites
c. Operating System
d. Personal Information Manager

17. Custom software is often developed in-house for use by a specific organization or set of users: True or False

18. Assorted programs that direct the performance and computing functions for a specific or specialized use of Information Systems:
a. System Software
b. Application Software
c. Programming Language
d. None of the above

19. A combination of general purpose application packages that work easily together are:
a. Custom Software
b. CASE Tools
c. Software Suites
d. Operating Systems

20. What refers to how well a system can adapt to increased demands:
a. Scalability
b. Capacity Planning
c. Reliability
d. Availability

21. Client application or software package that allows the user to

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