Information System Modernization And Systems Modernization

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Question 1
Information is the most important and essential for any organization or we can say that it is the blood of organization if lost or encrypted data can effect in any normal Organizational activities such as financial Losses etc. Information System which Consist of software, data, hardware, applications and communication guides or helps an Organization to secure important customer or corporate data and to manage these kind of critical data in a better way.
Organizations undertake the Information system projects for variety of reasons such as part of System Modernization, change in strategic company objectives and need for improved up-to-date current technology etc.
• System Modernization:

Many Organizations undertake information system projects to upgrade data processing in all parts of hardware, operating system, support software and applications. This step of system modernization is taken usually as part of a desire to completely remove the older centralized applications and to replace them with newer computer based system.

• Changes in Company Strategic Objectives:

In today’s world competition is increasing day by day or time by time both in the local markets as well as in international markets. This has forced many firms to rethink not only how they do business but also what business they should be in. For instances, many of the manufacturing firms are becoming service firms or primary producers are becoming assemblers of components produced by others.…
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