Information System Project Management Project

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As we know that INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY plays an important role in organizations for their operations so organizations make generous investments on information technology projects. It is vital to minimize the different dangers identified with those tasks.
According to researches held previously more than 75% of the projects are failing, most probably one out of five information system projects will succeed. Project management is a difficult process to handle result of the project depend upon the system analyst or project manager they should identify the risk factors of the project before starting the project. The main reason of failure of information system projects is the change in the requirements. Information system project will succeed when team members and project manager represent their work in a good manner alone project manager or alone the team member cannot succeed the project.
In this research we are going to discuss requirements of a successful system analysis and after that we will discuss the best recommendations which helps to increase the success rate of the information system projects.
When information system projects are highly failing then researchers found the most common reasons for failure of the projects are no coordination in the team, improper management by the project manager, inefficient resources by the organization, improper planning and different teams in planning and implementing. If organizations follows this…
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