Information System Proposal

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Title: A detailed report on a proposal for an Information System that will streamline the account set up process for new Key Accounts in an Online Payment Company called PayPal 1. The Introduction The following report details a proposal for setting up a new Information System for an online payment company called PayPal. The new system will enable business customers to upload requested documentation online when applying for their accounts, and because everything will be uploaded in a centralised area this will also allow internal PayPal stakeholders to access the information simultaneously. PayPal is a system which customers can use to pay electronically and securely for goods over the Internet. Small, medium and corporate businesses…show more content…
It also needs to be established whether the system will be able to be developed and implemented using existing technology or will there be a need to develop new technology? It would be more cost effective if the necessary expertise and basic infrastructure was already available to develop and enable the operation of the proposed system. PayPal already has a secure system that allows buyers and sellers to upload information in a secure way as part of a “Buyer Complaint Policy”. Sometimes when buyers do not receive the products that they have paid for using PayPal they are given the option to file a complaint online and then the seller has to provide PayPal with proof of delivery of the product by uploading a copy of the delivery note online. As a result there is already a fundamental system in place that can easily be adapted to accommodate the upload of even more documentation to a secure centralised area. Therefore the new proposed system will be able to meet initial performance expectations and accommodate the expected new functionality. Economic: As part of the feasibility study it is hugely important to assess the projected return on investment. By carrying out some cost benefit analysis it will indicate whether the investment of resources in the development of the new system will be worthwhile. At
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