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Title: A detailed report on a proposal for an Information System that will streamline the account set up process for new Key Accounts in an Online Payment Company called PayPal 1. The Introduction The following report details a proposal for setting up a new Information System for an online payment company called PayPal. The new system will enable business customers to upload requested documentation online when applying for their accounts, and because everything will be uploaded in a centralised area this will also allow internal PayPal stakeholders to access the information simultaneously. PayPal is a system which customers can use to pay electronically and securely for goods over the Internet. Small, medium and corporate…show more content…
(Porter 1987). The strategy behind developing the new system for PayPal involves the whole business. Therefore, the company needs a system that will make the Account set up process more streamlined, secure, efficient and enable coherent communication amongst internal stakeholders of the account set up process. By aiming all departments towards the same goals it will mean that the new system has not been developed in isolation, but is aligned with corporate strategy. The critical success factors for the delivery of this system will include: Support from the company leaders All internal stakeholders want to be part of this development and are motivated to make it work There needs to be enough knowledge and expertise in the organisation to be able to resolve the issue Is motivated to find a practical solution to the business problems All stakeholders must understand that by implementing the new IS it will benefit the whole organisation and help in achieving its business strategy 5. The Analysis The various analysis and methodologies appropriate for research into this particular Information System are: SWOT analysis Feasibility study (TELOS) Cost Benefit Analysis Soft Systems Methodology (CATWOE) SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis can be used to describe and analyse a company’s internal capabilities in relation to its competitive environment. A strategy behind
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