Information System and Financial Analysis for Starbucks

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INFORMATION SYSTEM AND FINANCIAL ANALYSIS FOR STARBUCKS MODULE: FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT SECTION 1: Introduction: The need of management Management is the key to success for a good business. These days management became universal, no matter what country the organisation is located in. The need of management is vital in all types and sizes of organisations. Managers in all types of organisations will plan, organise, lead, control and take strategic decisions. To make best decisions managers need helpful information. The importance of accounting: Accounting affects people in their daily lives. When they think of how to spend their wealth, they draw a plan of how much money they have, how much they will…show more content…
The information system is also used to order and supply goods or services, to improve and develop their competitive edge in the market place. Businesses or other types of organizations rely on an information system to manage their human resources as well. The basic principle of any accounting system is shown below: Inputs outputs Process P&L AccountsTransactions Balance Sheets Accounting system Cash Flow Statements Management informationAmendments | An information system uses hardware and software to provide these types of services. Hardware is the use of personal computers, keyboards, and printers. Whatever the hardware used some mechanism has to be in place to enable the input of data and other information, and to be displayed and accessed easily by everyone who is responsible. Software is a collection of programs that enables the hardware to process the input data or

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