Information System as an Organizational and Management Solution

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Introduction Business Overview: Information System as an organizational and management solution Making effective use of information has become a challenge for all firms. It is inevitable that as the technology industry maintains its growth, certain organizations will flourish, while others will be swallowed completely. With this climate of competitiveness, it becomes more critical than ever for innovative companies to understand their needs, integrate real time solutions into the workflows, transform service and maintenance operations, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance with industry, market and firm requirements (Gareis, 2009). If a firm is unable to integrate into the workflows, they will have a harder time understanding their future needs. Innovative organizations must avoid this sort of competitive disadvantage, as it will inhibit their ability to be competitive in a dynamic marketplace. Furthermore, reduction in development time, costs, and overruns by improving efficiency and managing resource assignments in an effort to beat the competition to market is also critical. In doing so, the company must incorporate both market and customer driven requirements into the new products and services (Terziovski, 2010). In the event the organization is first to market but is not effective in meeting their ever changing dynamic needs, they will be challenged in maintaining an acceptable level of profitability. Without profitability, or the demonstration of the organization to
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