Information System at Homestyle Hotels Essay

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Homestyle Hotels Inc is a result of merger of Lifestyle Resorts and Home Away Hotels. Each individual hotel operates in silos with no standardized process to capture client information. Initially, Ben Garrett (the IT director)’s mandate was to ‘consolidate the firm’s IT’, however with the said objective having been achieved, the higher management now wanted a more cohesive picture to enable better analysis and present a consistent picture to the outside world. The roadblocks to the integration are one too many- two different hotels, two different ways of working, vast geographical expanse. The question now was, of the two vendors who had come to present their software applications, which application would most suit the
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Integration (like any IT project) isn’t an end in itself; it must serve to make the business more profitable, more competitive, or more efficient, and the value of that greater profitability, competitiveness, and efficiency must be reflected in the requirements and budget for any prospective integration project. (Zeichick A., 2004, p1)
Financial information integration is just one cog in the wheel to delivering strategic value. The organization needs to integrate horizontally as well as vertically to achieve cost savings and greater efficiency. The following functions need to be integrated across lines of business to deliver a consistent look and feel of Homestyle Hotels Inc. 1) Operations- Currently, both divisions owing to different target groups do not have standard operating procedures. In order to achieve the organization’s vision of competing as a global brand the operations need to be integrated across lines of business. 2) Branding/Marketing- The merger of two entities in essence means that each individual organization needs to shed its individuality and adopt a common goal. Hence, the branding and marketing should echo the group’s identity and be integrated across divisions. 3) Human resources- For a hotel industry, people are the face of the organization. As rightly pointed out by a study, “effective change management increases people’s confidence in direction and outcomes, accelerates business results, and sustains the

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