Information System of Walmart

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Through the decades, Walmart has combined many different types of information systems in to their day to day operations. Walmart is known around the world for their continuous improvements and implementation of new information systems to remain on top of the retail industry. The information systems used by Walmart play a major role in their continued success. With their use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Walmart is able to send and receive instantaneous data to their networks. This is why Walmart has been able to remain competitively priced and control their inventories. This paper will show how Walmart has used many different information systems during the course of its history to manage both capital and human resources.
In the late 1940s, a man named Sam Walton was franchising Ben Franklin’s store located in Newport, Arkansas. As a retailer, Walton continuously was in search of suppliers with best deals on merchandise. Usually, if a retailer was able to get a deal from a wholesaler they would leave their store prices at the regular price and pocket the excess money. Being the innovator he was, Walton decided to pass the savings on to the consumer and make his money through the increased volume of sales. This understanding would become the foundation of Walton’s business strategy when he developed Walmart in 1962.
Walton was known for being a cheap guy, so naturally he saw the value in discount…
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