Information System of Westjet

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1. Introduction
IT governance recently has raised many companies’ concern with its advantages including balancing companies’ priorities for scale and IT standardization, leverage IT innovation in Business to support companies’ operation and strategic growth. WestJet, as one of the most competitive international airline has invested much to the improvement of technological development. However, it now faces a great challenge during the transition into codeshare that they have no idea whether they have a great IT, if not, how to improve it to bring this company to where it need to be. This assignment is going to illustrate the key strengths and challenges of WestJet, the IT management condition and some of personal suggestions to improve
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In this way, competitive use of IT will no longer happen and each specified IT groups can be more concentrated on specified tasks which improves the efficiency, what’s more, the alignment between BU-CIO and EVP facilitate the formation of visioning network, which is vital to IT governance. Thus IT resources and priority are well managed.
2. Monthly VP meeting is cancelled and instead, annual plan/budget process will be established to assess the organizational projects or projects which need more budget applied by business unit. Those worthless project will be abandoned which helps reach the cost-efficiency. In addition, the report relationships between IT and business, leadership is a recommended action to encourage co-evolution between IT and business, a two-way relationship is created and enable the IT investments and capabilities to potentially benefit and change business strategy.
3. A backup data center and IT operations center is established to defuse the risk of service blackout. A backup data center ensure that data is still accessible when disasters happen and the IT operations center ensure emergencies will be handled immediately. This combination support service provisioning (one of the eight value creating processes in the IT function) can provide 24/7 continuous service to client, which can directly enhance WestJet’s key strength—custom service.
All these activities make

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