Information Systems About Mobile And Wireless Networks

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A Key Concept in Information Systems about Mobile and wireless networks / security In information system there is a wireless network which is a network that uses a wireless instead of a wired technology, and in the wireless technology is Mobile and wireless networks / security. Mobile and Wireless Networks/ Security systems are vital to a burgeoning business landscape that increasing relies on database and information technology at its core by have the use of the internet on the go anywhere in the companies building which speeds up business impressively to a much a faster and reliable way. This paper will be discussing Mobile and Wireless network/ security for business uses. Overview Mobile and Wireless networks are playing a significant…show more content…
The first version of the 802.11 protocol was released in 1997, and was updated to 802.11b in 1999 to permit 11 megabits to be transmitted. But Wireless WANs (WWANs) network cover broader areas then WLANS and includes such things as cellular networks, cellular digital packet data, satellite networks, microwave networks, and much more. But Both WWANS and WLANs rely on the RF spectrum as there communication medium. The security measure for wireless users is strict, even though it can be accessed by walking near a building. Wireless signals are easy too pickup especially with a cellular device but it is usually password but still can access from intruders. But there are many way of preventing these hackers from entering in which will be explained later. Also for Mobile network/and its network security, its network operates on a radio frequency consisting of radio cells, each served by a fixed transmitter, and for both wireless and mobile networks, they have the advantage of mobility, flexibility, ease of installation, and low cost. But some drawbacks for both systems include Limited Throughput, Limited Range, in building penetration problems, vulnerability, and lastly security. Describe Mobile and Wireless network/ security Both Mobile and Wireless network, in today’s world the current use of both concepts has
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