Information Systems And Knowledge Management Systems

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IT190-1503B-01 Introduction to IT Individual Project Week 1 Jeremy D. Moore August 24, 2015 Table of Contents Section 1: Information Systems Overview 3 Section 2: Information Systems Concepts 4 Section 3: Business Information Systems 5 Section 4: System Development 6 Section 5: Information Systems and Society 7 Section 1: Information Systems Overview This section will be used to describe the organization and talk about information systems and the roles needed to support them. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Knowledge management systems provide a means to assemble and act on the knowledge accumulated throughout an organization. Such knowledge may include the texts and images contained in patents, design methods, best…show more content…
These systems are typically used by first-level supervisors. Generally, such reports focus on past and present activities, rather than projecting future performance. To prevent information overload, reports may be automatically sent only under exceptional circumstances or at the specific request of a manager. EXECUTIVE INFORMATION SYSTEMS Executive information systems make a variety of critical information readily available in a highly summarized and convenient form, typically via a graphical digital dashboard. Senior managers characteristically employ many informal sources of information, however, so that formal, computerized information systems are only of partial assistance. Nevertheless, this assistance is important for the chief executive officer, senior and executive vice presidents, and the board of directors to monitor the performance of the company, assess the business environment, and develop strategic directions for the future. In particular, these executives need to compare their organization’s performance with that of its competitors and investigate general economic trends in regions or countries. Often individualized and relying on multiple media formats, executive information systems give their users an opportunity to “drill down” from summary information to increasingly focused details. Describe an organization of your choice. You will use this organization as you focus on the concept of information systems. How the organization goes
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