Information Systems And The Business School

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Why is introduction MIS the most important class in the business school? Management information systems is known as one of the most important class in the business school because it helps you to success in order, function and efficiency. The interesting part about information systems is that always will give you “The background you need to assess, evaluate, and apply emerging information systems technology to business.” Also, it offers in job security- marketable skills whereas you will get knowledge in abstraction, systems thinking, experimentation and collaboration. Furthermore, Management Information Systems (MIS) not only is based on software systems, but also includes set of business processes and useful resources that work to put the information together from tactical systems. The entire system is designed to the company to get tactical goals and meet strategies. Basically, the role of any MIS organization could be compared with the heart of a body. This means that information is the blood and MIS is the heart. For a good function of the body should be flow pure blood, because it will help to regulate correctly the brain. MIS has the same role in any organization, all information is collected from distinct sources to all needed destinations. Additionally, MIS plays a particular role of information generation, problem identification and communication because all of this help to improve and take right the decision making.

Moore’s Law
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