Information Systems And Understanding For Medical Professionals

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Information Systems and Understanding for Medical Professionals and Patients in the Healthcare Industry After the enactment of the Affordable Care Act many Americans still remain uninsured. While not completely known why this discrepancy exists, research concludes the Americans who are uninsured may not know or understand how the Affordable Care Act works or healthcare systems altogether due to the complexity of technology and lack of awareness advertised. Consequently this research also proposes efforts to assist in reducing or eliminating the number of uninsured Americans which suggest that, Americans first and foremost must be equipped with a greater understanding of the healthcare system. In addition to bridging the knowledge based gap, healthcare organizations need a collaborative information system that is accessible to healthcare professionals for improved immediate patient care which also provides the patients the ability to access their records. With that being said, this paper will examine the use of information systems in the medical community and identify ways that if improved these systems can and will reduce the number of uninsured Americans and bridge the ever-growing knowledge based gap preventing effective collaboration amongst health care organizations. Using survey instruments this paper tested the efficiency of the ACA to include, medical records accessibility and customer service in order to identify gaps and explain the reasons why some Americans are
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