Information Systems Are Deployed By Government Essay

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Information systems are deployed by government in supporting better interactions with different stakeholders within and outside the organization (Joseph, 2013). With the expectations of improving government’s service efficiency, IT systems raised citizen participation in government activities by offering full access to government information without time or space restraint, and avoids the problem of “loss of data and general inefficiency operations” occurred in traditional government (Mutula, as cited in Nkohkwo & Islam, 2013). IT system could help public organisation to make better decision, since information systems have capability of promoting policy effectiveness especially in the area of health, education etc, due to the use of the network to effectively share data (OECD, 2003). The adoption of information system within government organisations and other public sectors is becoming a tendency based on United Nations’ study that shows a large number of emerging nations are embracing the idea of e-government and developing its capability (UNPAN, 2008). 2. Literature Review Despite the recognition of the benefit from deploying information system in a government organisation, there are also considerable unawareness of challenges that would come along. Researchers have pointed out the major challenges fall in the following categories: Infrastructure: Among those developing or undeveloped areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa, ICT infrastructure is the top issue on the potential
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