Information Systems : Computer Ethics

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BIS- 601 INFORMATION SYSTEMS COMPUTER ETHICS Submitted by Lakshmi Gajjarapu Student id: 665584 Global Id: gajja1l INTRODUCTION: As the use of Computers have increased now-a-days with improvements in the technology which brings both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages comes with technological developments and disadvantages are like frauds happening using technology. These frauds using technology are called “Cyber-attacks” where intruders or hackers break into others computers without permission and access their personal data. Computer Ethics deals with values and principles in using the technology in right way without any illegal activities. People who are not aware of ethics cause cyber-attacks. Computer Ethics help us to prevent the cyber-attacks by educating the intruders what to do and what not to do. Day-by-day the transfer of data between computers is increasing, hence Computer Ethics should be given more importance as a mandatory study for computer users in the future. Computer Ethics should be taught to each and every person for example a person who is just learning the basics of computer, a computer professional. Each and every computer should follow ethics in all their uses. The simple rules of Computer Ethics are people should not be harmed using computers, one should not break into others computers and steal their personal information from e-mails like physical address, debit/credit card information etc., Disruptive
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