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As the use of Computers have increased now-a-days with improvements in the technology which brings both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages comes with technological developments and disadvantages are like frauds happening using technology. These frauds using technology are called “Cyber-attacks” where intruders or hackers break into others computers without permission and access their personal data. Computer Ethics deals with values and principles in using the technology in right way without any illegal activities. People who are not aware of ethics cause
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Computer Ethics mainly deals how computer professionals should act while working with computers. Decisions need to be taken keeping in mind the values, disciplines of a person or an organization. This needs to be defined in order to educate people against cyber-attacks. These ethics should educate people to determine right or wrong while taking decisions. Ethics is an important topic in each and every field like Computers, Education and also in bringing social awareness among people. Like how we follow ethics in our regular life in making decisions between right or wrong, we should follow the same when using technology. It is important to have ethics defined because if we don’t have ethics there will be many cyber frauds caused easily without thinking what is right and what is wrong. Ethics mainly concentrates on decision making, values, responsibility of one’s own data and also others data (Wong, 1995) [3]. Computers store lot of information in their memory like personal information, banking information, health information, here privacy is an important issue of computer ethics.
Specific guidelines, policies, rules should be developed by organizations which should be acceptable by majority of computer users in following computer ethics. People who follow morals and values in everything they do automatically implement the same morals
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