Information Systems Decision Making Course

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Technical Paper
Wayne Thomas
Dr. Glenn Hines
Theories of Security Management
March 14, 2015

This paper represents the Information Systems Decision-Making course and will address the following two issues.
 We will describe the company network, interconnection, and communication environment.
 We assess risk based on the GFI, Inc. network diagram scenario.
 We will examine whether your risk assessment methodology is quantitative, qualitative, or a combination.
 We will explain the way in which you would present your findings and assessment of the organization’s management and thus facilitate security buy-in and concentration.
 We will use Microsoft Visio to depict a secure and risk-mitigating model.
The goals of this Theories of Security Management paper will be to reflect that the writer has developed the skills that will lead to a more productive workplace environment and learning experience.

Company Network, Interconnection, and Communication Environment.
Global Finance Inc. is a company under study, which has experienced several network attacks. These outages resulted in losses of approximately $1,000,000 last year and loss of customer confidence. Organizations employees connect and communicate either within their location or off-site. It therefore depends on their network for storage, transfer of data and information. The company has undergone a remarkable economic growth and network systems have expanded proportionally. Despite the fact
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