Information Systems Development Case Study

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Part A. Comtex Information Systems Development Case Study

Comtex is an office equipment supplier that employs over 60 people. Like almost any other company Comtex depends on systems to record everything and invested in 3 new information systems in order to increase efficiency within the organization. All new systems were operational systems and were as follows:
• Automated invoices: to send invoices and get cash quicker
• Email system: to improve communication within employees
• Customer Database: to keep records of the customers

Primary factors for failure
To begin with, a new invoicing system was implemented to deliver invoices at maximum speed. The sellers closed the deals by phone and then passed the details to the Administration Department so they could enter information into the computer. However, sellers usually closed the deals offering a discount in terms of a cash figure when the system could only process discounted percentages. As a result, the administration department had to work out with calculators the percentages with the consequent waste of time. This is a sign of failure in the design of the IT infrastructure as it was not taken into account a common practice within the organisation. It could be said that the system developers made wrong assumptions about the requirements of the system, which happens when the developers do not have input from the users and they develop what they think the organization needs and not what the organization really needs…
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