Information Systems : Electronic Health Record

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Information Systems Paper
Katherine Slane, RN
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 361: RN Information Systems in Healthcare
July 2016 Information Systems: Electronic Health Record
Nursing information systems (NIS) are “computer systems that manage clinical data from a variety of healthcare environments and are readily accessible to improve patient care (, 2006). The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history. This record is kept current by the provider and includes administrative information, clinical data, demographic info, progress notes, medications, vitals, past medical history, immunizations, lab data and laboratory reports (, 2012). The EHR provides access to information and has the potential to streamline clinicians’ workflow. The EHR can support medical decisions by providing clinicians with current information regarding the patient through evidence-based research, quality management and outcomes reports (, 2012). This easily located information can allow for patients to seek care in locations where hard copy filing is unavailable, for the patient themselves to review and for all care providers to look to one source for information about the patient. “The electronic health record (EHR) has the potential to integrate all pertinent patient information into one lifetime record, which will help to improve the quality of health information, improve care coordination, patient safety, and…
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