Information Systems For International Students

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Since all of us in our group are international students and a few of us are in our first semester at Swinburne, it was almost impossible for us to find an Information Systems Manager and would like to thank Jason for leading us to Mr. Mim Saznus. We understand that we are required to draw a direct correlation between what we’ve learnt in lectures and textbooks and see if we could relate it to challenges that Information Systems Managers face in the real world or see how much of a gap we have between what we learn and what actually happens in the corporate world. We would like to extrapolate inputs received from Mim during the interview in our research report and build on the points that he has made. Mr. Saznus was gracious enough to spare some time for an interview and we had a few great learnings and insights into the Information Systems space. He isn’t an Information Systems Manager however has spent over 6 years in multiple industries very closely related to Information Systems and Information Technology. Mim completed his Masters in Information Technology with a specialization in Information Systems from our very own Swinburne University and is originally from Bangladesh. He started his journey in the Information Technology space by working as a Solutions Analyst for the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, Huawei Technologies for over 2 years and then went on to pursue his Masters in Swinburne University. He was also a part of an internship project
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