Information Systems For My Undergraduate Program

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I remember, it was during the summer vacation of my 6th grade, I was at my grandmother’s house and I got first instance of curiosity about computers in an engineering way. I was at my uncle 's room to play road rash game in his computer and he was writing white lines which I couldn 't understand in black screen. When I asked about that he casually said this is how the game you want to play is build. Even Though I didn’t quite get an idea of what was happening the question got stuck in my head “How does these lines written in the black screen changes into the game that I want to play”.I decided at that point I want to do something related to computers and eventually led to the decision of choosing Information Systems for my undergraduate…show more content…
So if we had any corrections regarding the marks we could ask for updation concurrently.So I started building my first project,an android app for internal marks. This project gave broad understanding on the different methodologies used and how to deliver a project successfully.It also helped me understand the value of time management, the value of the software I was developing and showcasing the same to other team mates and influencing them to do project which solves different problems and remove obstacles of our daily activities. This also motivated me to study hard with a purpose and eventually secure 9th rank in Cochin University for information Systems. I was selected by IBM as part of college recruiting and was offered a position as data specialist. Although I have worked on few projects in college the one year in IBM was the turning point in my decision to pursue masters. Two major factor influenced me in this. Soon after I joined IBM, one of my friend who was studying for architecture had a project to submit on landscape architecture in his college. Although I didn 't have much idea about architecture he asked me to select one design out of three that he had planned for the project. I liked one of those but I was confused may be I am the only one who likes that particular design. So I created a whatsapp group to discuss about the designs and posted these three architecture designs in the group and invited
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