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Information System

1) Introduction to Information System:
A system is a set of subsystems or components that operates together such that to fulfil the objectives so that the desired result comes. So in similar way information system is a system that consist of number of components that work together collect the information, stores the information, process that information such to generate the desired output.
Similarly the business firms uses the information system such that to interacts with the customers and the suppliers, to manage theiroperations, manage the accounts, fast way to intracts with the customers and the suppliers. In information system, the process works in the form of input and output. The output generated is the desired result or the objective that the firm want. Based on that output the other process continues.

Components of Information System:
As above we say that a system consist of a set of subsystem that are also called as the components of the system that works together. So the information system consists of the different components like:
• Hardware
• Software
• Data and Information
• Human Resources
• Procedures
Hardware is the peripherals devices that are the part of the system.These are the physical devices that can be seen or physically touched.Hardware include the input to the of the output devices. These include the storage devices too…

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