Information Systems ( Inss )

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Despite recent progress in information technology, health care institutions are constantly confronted with the need to adapt to the resulting new processes of information management and use.[1] Nusing information systems(INSs) are promoted as a technology supporting collaboration and improving health care decision making at the point- of –care and ultimately health care outcomes. An NIS contains data collection and intetration functionality for nurses and could be used as a part of an electronic health record(EHR) or in conjunction with an electronic medical record(EMR). NISs have the potential to increase nursing documentation completeness readability, and availability. NISs also provide the means to decrease double…show more content…
It is expected that the use of this technology could streamline nurses ' workflow and enhance their decision-making processes (Saba & Erdley, 2005). Moreover, when users can participate in the early system development stage, the content design to meet nurses ' needs is identified, and the adoption process is facilitated (Ward, Vartak, Schwichtenberg, & Wakefield, 2011).[1] Because there is no certificate program for nursing informatics specialty in China, we selected a nurse with master degree in nursing and with rich computer science knowledge, at the meantime, she was eager to do the work of nursing information system exploitation. She worked as a coordinators in our hospital to facilitate the technology implementation process. The research team was composed of nursing we mentioned above, an engineer in information management center of our hospital, an engineer who conducted the system. 1.2 Site This study took place in a hospital which has 1800 beds and it is the highest level in China. The information system is used for the hospitalized patients. 1.3 Procedures The research team was made up in Nov.2012, they developed this system focused on the users. The user-centered design principle is
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