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SUMMARY ( LECTURE NOTES 1 – Information Systems in Global Business Today) 1. Explain why Information Systems are so essential in business today.
ØInformation Systems are fundamental for conducting Business today. ØIn many industries, survival and even existence is difficult without extensive use of Information Systems. ØInformation Systems have become essential for helping organizations operate in a global economy. ØOrganization are trying to become more competitive and efficient by transforming themselves into ‘Digital Firms’ where nearly all core business processes and relationship with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled. ØBusiness today use Information Systems to
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2. Management Information Systems (MIS) Provide Middle management with reports and access to the organization’s current performance and historical records. Most MIS reports condense information from TPS and are not highly analytical.

3. Decision Support Systems (DSS) DSS supports Management decisions when these decisions are unique, rapidly changing, and not specified easily in advanced. DSS have more advanced Analytical models and Data analysis capabilities than MIS and often draw on information from external as well as internal sources. 4. Executive Support Systems (ESS) Support Executive Management by providing data of greatest importance to senior Management Decision makers, often in the form of graphs and charts delivered via portals. ESS have limited Analytical capabilities but can draw on sophisticated graphics Software and many sources of internal and external information. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS

4. Explain how Enterprise Applications and Intranets promotes Business Process Integration and improve organizational performance Enterprise Applications These Systems are designed to support organizational wide process coordination and

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