Information Systems Project Plan

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Information systems project plan Company background Miller Incorporated is a data collection and analysis company that was started roughly 2 years ago. The company has enjoyed steady growth as a result of its innovative products and it currently has twenty employees. 4 are members of the information technology (IT) department, 7 are administrative personnel, 5 are support personnel and 2 are managerial staff. The company's innovative and appealing services include data collection through web analytics which is then combined with operational systems data. The company looks forward to continued growth which is expected to reach 60% over the next 18 months. The company has constantly looked for ways to leverage data collected and looks to ensure that the IT infrastructure is able to handle the expected growth. The purpose of this project plan is to present the detailed requirement of the organization as it looks forward to achieving this growth. It will also help to execute and control the expansion plan and facilitate communication among project stakeholders. Type of business Miller Inc. started out as a data collection company which was involved in value added reselling of web statistics. The company provides web analytics services through its online platform, which currently has over 500,000 registered websites. Miller Inc. collects data such as consumer web surfing trends, interests, and clicks. It also provides tracking of digital marketing
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