Information Systems Risk Management

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Information systems (IS) risk management Introduction Modern businesses are faced with major security threats especially to their information systems. The complexity of systems has not helped in mitigating these threats. With the massive adaption of information systems within organizations, they have become the cornerstones for organizations and this has made the systems more vulnerable to sabotage and potential attacks. There are both external and internal threats to information systems, which can be accidental or intentional. The threats to information systems are multilayered, and they can affect a couple of components like networks, software applications, operating systems, intranet, internet, and wireless technologies. System vulnerabilities Vulnerability can be defined as a weakness to any system and can be exploited in order to gain access to the system's data or information ADDIN EN.CITE Rainer1991355(Rainer, Snyder, & Houston, 1991)35535517Rainer, Rex Kelly, Jr.Snyder, Charles A.Houston, H. CarrRisk Analysis for Information TechnologyJournal of Management Information SystemsJournal of Management Information Systems129-147811991M.E. Sharpe, Inc.07421222 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_3" o "Rainer, 1991 #355" Rainer, Snyder, & Houston, 1991). In brief vulnerability can referred to as a security hole. It is widely known that information systems have weaknesses, which compromise their security. The weaknesses can be in the
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