Information Systems Security Review

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Information Systems Security Review Introduction Information systems have three parts which include hardware, software and the communications aspect. This view of Information systems is useful in applying industry standards for protection as well as prevention at all layers (Spagnoletti and Resca, 2008). Procedures will tell the personnel operating, or the administrators, how the products would ensure organizational information security. Information System implies information that requires protection from improper access, disclosure, or destruction (Spagnoletti and Resca, 2008). This is possible if the system ensures availability, confidentiality, as well as integrity of any data in an organization. Corporations, financial institutions, and governments have a lot of information on products, finances, research, and employees. This information usually resides in electronic media and may move from one point to another. Furthermore, with the advances in networks, transmission to other computers or access points within a physical location or across the globe is possible. Any breach of the information may have far reaching consequences such as bankruptcy, loss of competitive edge or lawsuits from customers or business partners (Mithas et al, 2011). It is, therefore, imperative to ensure Information Security. Riordan Manufacturing is a firm that engages in manufacturing of plastics. The firm is a leader in applying current technology both in its manufacturing operations and
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