Information Systems Strategic Planning Risk And Performance Management

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BA531 Business Performance Management
Week 1 Assignment
Information Systems Strategic Planning Risk & Performance
David Nagus
Grantham University
Professor Duhn
Sept 3, 2015

1. State a simple definition of performance management.
Performance management is a process that provides feedback and accountability and also documentation for performance outcomes. It is a forum to help employees channel their talents toward organizational goals.

2. State the three major strategic choices facing firms.
Globalization, Competition, Out Sourcing
3. Explain the seven major forces which drive interest in performance management.
a) Failure to explain the strategy: A reason for this failure is managers and employees cannot explain the company 's strategy.
b) Unfulfilled return on investment: Organizations believe they realize return on investment by software vendors for IT investments but the costs are not justified.
c) Escalation in accountability: Managers pick a strategy present them to the workforce and the workforce must be accountable for success.
d) Mistrust of managerial accounting system: Managers and employees are aware of arcane accounting systems that lead to misleading results.
e) Poor customer value management: With the expense of running a business there needs to be a balance of the cost between obtaining new customers and retaining existing ones.
f) Dysfunctional supply chain management: Companies need to run agile lean and efficient this means having a…
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