Information Systems for You ( Fourth Edition ) Answers

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4th Edition Answers Suggested Answers Chapter 1 Things to do (page 5) 2 Examples which must be manual include: holiday brochures; guidebooks to the country/area; atlases/maps; encyclopaedias; geography textbooks 4 (a) (i) Any three sensible details such as: health problems/medication; name of parent/guardian; home telephone number; parent’s/guardian’s mobile/cell phone number; parent’s/guardian’s email address; parent/guardian work contact telephone number; options taken; form teacher (ii) You might have two pupils with the same surname and forename. The pupil number is a unique identifier in these situations. (b) The form should be laid out sensibly with important information first. The form should contain the fields listed in the…show more content…
Some people's handwriting is indecipherable by humans so computers would not be able to understand it. The reject rate would be too high. People would need to be trained to write numbers etc. clearly. (ii) An alternative input device, such as a keyboard is provided if the pad cannot understand the person’s handwriting. (b) They can download text they have prepared into their PC for printing. Data can be downloaded for backup purposes. Data can be added to a database, e.g. the orders taken by a representative that day. Information Systems for you, Fourth Edition answers © Nelson Thornes Ltd 2011 3 They can synchronise the data on both devices so that it is the same (e.g. they can synchronise their address book). 4 (a) The barcode on the food is scanned by the reader on the microwave oven. The code is looked up by the oven in a database stored on the chip. The cooking instructions are found and the details are then input to the microprocessor which then controls the power and timing of the oven. (b) The user does not have to enter settings themselves, which are possible sources of error. The human may misread the instructions on the packaging and enter the wrong information. This system has no such error. 5 Any two from: • • • The processor should have a low power consumption to prolong the battery life while the computer is being used away from mains electricity. It should not generate lots of heat as this can make the laptop uncomfortable to use. It should not need
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