Information Systems of Sterling Urgent Care Essay

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IT190-1501A-01 : Introduction to IT Information Systems of Sterling Urgent Care Ryder May 02/09/15 TOC Section 1: Information Systems Overview 4 What is Sterling Urgent Care? 4 Choosing the Right Information System for SUC 4 Section 2: Information Systems Concepts 7 Types of Communication 7 SUC’s Communication Technology 8 SUC’s Virtual Private Network 9 Section 3: Business Information Systems 11 Data Systems 11 TPS (Transaction processing system) 11 MIS (Management information system) 11 DSS (Decision support system) 12 KMS (Knowledge management system) 12 AI (Artificial intelligence) 12 Information Systems within SUC 14 Section 4: System Development 16 Prototype Model 16 Waterfall model 17 Implementation of the…show more content…
The first process of choosing the right information system for SUC is defining the goals of the organization. The first goal is to provide safe, quality healthcare to patients. The second goal is to maintain the necessary financial stability to provide that care. Another important goal is to maintain accurate and secure information within the organization as well as to outside entities as necessary. Investigating, or attaining a clear understanding of how to achieve these goals is the first step. Defining what the system must do to achieve these goals, or system analysis, is the next step. System design will then need to be done to determine how to meet these goals. System implementation is the next step. This occurs when the components that were determined in the implementation step are created or obtained. System maintenance and review is the last on-going step that will maintain the organization and determine what modifications are needed to continually meet the company goals. To determine the effectiveness of the chosen information system, SUC will use the collective information gathered by people, procedures, databases, and devices within the organization, which is known as using the Management Information System (MIS). This process begins with decision making. There are three stages in decision making: intelligence, design, and choice. Problems are discovered and information of what has caused the problem or what is needed
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