Information Technology : An Effective Health Organization Essay

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What is information technology? Information technology is the use or study of computers systems, software, storage, networks, etc. used to transmit, retrieve, and processing data. Information technology is a data communication tool that most or all health organizations or companies use to compute information into a system. Health organization are facilities and agencies that provide health and medical information to clients. There are several different health organizations that consist of hospitals, health maintenance organization, managed care organizations, preferred provider organization, etc. The one I would like to discuss would be the hospitals. Hospitals are institutions where the sick and injured go for medical or surgical care. Hospitals are an effective health organization that utilize information’s technology. Hospitals utilize information technology to enter their integrated databases. Throughout this paper I will be discussing the requirements and components they use for their information systems, the requirements for health care information technology systems to comply with federal, state, and local laws governing patient information security. Also, how they assess the risks and affected stakeholders in the event of a system breach or failure, and recommend approaches that can be used to safeguard confidential information.
Within a hospital setting varies of programs are used to utilize information technology such as electronic health records, personal health
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