Information Technology And Business Intelligence

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE COMP.8002 SEMESTER 2, 2016 Assessment 1 Student Name: Arindam Haldar Student ID: 2007004468 TOC Introduction Page 3 Discussion Page 3 Conclusion Page 5 Referencing Page 6 INTRODUCTION: IT & BI - An overview Data, math, statistics and programming are the most important parts of data science. Machine learning is a collection of algorithms which recognise pattern from data. Data mining discovers patterns in large data. Information technology (IT) or information and communications technology (ICT) is a computing system that stores data, retrieves data, transmits data, and manipulate data to manage information. Information Technology not only used for business, it is used in other fields as well. Information technology includes computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet and telecommunication equipment. Business intelligence (BI) is a collection of software applications which analyze raw data of an organization. BI includes data warehousing, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), making query and creating report. An organization can take some important business decisions for their future perspective from the use of BI. Data warehousing stores analytical data for data mining. From that data warehouse, data mining search, retrieve and analyze data to get solutions for business quarries. Information science does analysis,
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