Information Technology And Information Systems

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Information technology (IT) provides diverse opportunities for companies to automate, inform, and transform their business infrastructures and outcomes (Rahimi, Møller, & Hvam, 2016). ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is rapidly growing in applications and uses for designing, producing, and delivering traditional and new technological products and services (El Kadiri et al., 2015). Managers of ICT and information systems (IS) would benefit from understanding issues and trends in ICT that can affect their business models and financial indicators. This paper explores information technology issues and trends in the context of business. Furthermore, because ICT trends and issues are numerous, it focuses on ICT technologies for enterprise information systems, specifically (a) data value chain management, (b) context awareness, (c) usability, interaction and visualization, (d) human learning and continuous education, and (e) IT outsourcing. It describes these issues first and then proceeds to illustrate the current state of thinking regarding poor or missing integration between business management and IT management and related social issues of IT management. It also presents personal opinions regarding these issues.
Information Technology Issues Five of the most pressing IT issues that impact business affect how data is seen, collected, integrated, and used in national and multinational corporations are (a) data value chain management, (b) context awareness, (c)…
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