Information Technology And Its Effects On Patient Care

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In today’s healthcare industry, medical professionals when providing the best patient care, must commit to continued learning and performance improvement. Medical professionals must stay current with the new trends in healthcare while decreasing costs. Evidence based medicine is key in providing care to patients, and medical professionals utilize this evidence in designing the best plans of treatment. In today’s rapidly changing medical industry, physicians, nurses and all medical personnel need to stay current with the new trends available for the best outcomes in patient care. There are numerous problems that currently face healthcare, increased costs, medical errors, accidents and infections. The medical industries recognize these problems and are making real changes to correct them. Information technology is one solution that can help have a positive impact on patient care, while decreasing errors, costs and infections. To provide safe care there must be a joint effort and innovative solutions when sharing information and developing clinical expertise. Information in healthcare needs to be meticulous, detailed, appropriate and up to date. It is critical the information we obtain and share on patients is accurate and easily available in an instant. The growth of the information technology industry has grown dramatically in the last 10-15 years, and the healthcare industry recognizes its importance. The mandate set forth in 2004 by the Office of the National
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