Information Technology And Its Impact On Business

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Information technology is a broad field concerning with all aspect of acquisition, manipulating or processing, dissipation and the general management of information normally within large organizations or companies. Additionally, it is not associated with the personal or home application of computers and networking. In other words, information technology can be defined as the use of technology involving the development maintenance and use of computers and software for the purpose of processing and distribution of information within an organization. Information technology has made the operation of processing and managing of information more efficient and reliable therefore it has become essential in management (Kelley, 2009). The applications in the management are that numerous, ranging from storage, file transfer to retrieval or transmission of information. This essay explains the reasons for importance, the impact to business, cultural dimensions, the future implication of information technology to management and its practice. a) Reasons for importance Ever since, none of the inventions has ever had numerous reasons of importance in management as the information technology has. In the past seven decades of its emergence and existence, it has managed, actualized and materialized the concept of management within the global village which has been just a dream in those past decades (Kelley, 2009). Moreover, in the present days, information technology has ranked as the best
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