Information Technology And Its Impact On Healthcare

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INTRODUCTION Information Technology, or IT, supports a very broad business style, as it can range from a business of two people to a multimillion employee business. For example, Microsoft, who employs ninety-nine thousand employees, has a much different business structure than a business like Compex Two, who has around a dozen employees. Each business supports a different type of service, ranging from medical to general technician questions. In terms of one of the biggest consumers of IT needs, hospitals eliminate the competition. Hospitals have a high risk of death if the handwriting is not legible from the medical professional, which created the need for IT in the hospital to convert to the digital age. Not only does Health Informatics decrease the risk of death in patients, it can increase efficiency in a hospital by allowing a doctor to manage multiple patients at one time involving only an assistant to monitor the others. This also allows a doctor to make electronic visits, involving no transportation with full communication from the doctor as well the patient. They are able to see each other, which allows the doctor to view the injuries as well as tell the patient what is needed to be done.

ANALYSIS The first benefit of Health Informatics is increase communication between the patient, doctor, and assistant. Since everything is stored electronically, all records can be accessed, and unlike notes recorded on paper, which may or may not be recorded later, everything is…
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