Information Technology And Its Impact On Our Lives

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First thing that comes to mind when we talk about information technology (IT) security is computer security. In todays world, as we know technology is on the rise and more and more threats are accruing each day. By increasing and taking proper security measures in the world of evolving information technology has assist organizations in protecting they information assets. As society has grown more complex, the significance of sharing and securing the important resource of information has increased. However, over the past years organizations, firms, and cooperate business has suffered deeply financially and reputational destruction because of lack of information security management. In the early century large companies, firms, and…show more content…
IT security controls entry to confidential electronic information so only those with a legal need to access it are allowed to do so.
Since the early days of communication, diplomats and military commanders understood that it was necessary to provide some mechanism to protect the confidentiality of correspondence and to have some means of detecting tampering. Information technology has evolved over the period of time. There has been four basic periods, these periods has been characterized by a principal technology used to solve input, processing, output and communication problems. First there is the premechanical age which started at 3000 BC- 1450 AD The premechanical stage included writing and alphabets a form of communication as some of us know, the first humans communicated through speaking and picture drawings. Later on in the communication process, the Greeks later adopted the phoneician alphabet and added vowels; the Romans gave the letters Latin names to create the alphabet we use today. Next was the Paper and Pens-input technologies. The sumerians input technology was a stylus that could scratch marks in wet clay. Books and libraries were permanent storage devices, in the earlier times, Egyptians kept scrolls.
After the Premechanical age there was the Mechanical age from
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